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Nacera® Pearl Natural

Special offer: Nacera® Pearl Natural free of charge

Buy now 5 discs and get an additional one free of charge.

Convince yourself now and enjoy our special offer without any obligation. You will receive an additional blank in the color of your choice with your order of 5 blanks from the Nacera® Pearl Natural range. 

Your dental restorations will succeed in 3 simple steps:

Mill - Sinter - Glaze. Ready!

Benefits & Features:

  • Maximum precision due to distortion-free material
  • Carefree Handling: High processing reliability - non-critical positioning during nesting
  • Naturally gentle color and translucency transitions for naturallooking monolithic restorations
  • Flexural strength (acc. to DIN EN ISO 6872) ≥ 1000 MPa in incisal and ≥ 1200 MPa in cervical area
  • 3Y-TZP und 6Y-PSZ material composition: high strength combined with high translucency for all requirements (Class 5, Type II, DIN EN ISO 6872)
  • Indications: from monolithic single crowns, inlays / onlays, veneers, implant substructures up to complex supraconstructions for anterior and posterior regions

Available colors & heights:

Color 16 mm 20 mm   Color 16 mm 20 mm
Stellar White 3559303913 3559303096   *B1 3567303913 3567303096
0M2 3560303913 3560303096   *B3 3569303913 3569303096
0M3 3561303913 3561303096   *B4 3570303913 3570303096
A1 3562303913 3562303096   *C1 3571303913 3571303096
A2 3563303913 3563303096   *C3 3573303913 3573303096
A3 3564303913 3564303096   *C4 3574303913 3574303096
A3,5 3565303913 3565303096        
*A4 3566303913 3566303096   *D2 3575303913 3575303096
        *D4 3577303913 3577303096


* minimum order quantity on request

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Rachael Mersky (Customer Service)

Phone: +1 215-923-1327



Sample restorations made of Nacera® Pearl Natural:

Nacera® Pearl Natural

The esthetic evolution of zirconium oxide

Nacera® Pearl Natural is a zirconium oxide whose mechanical and photo-optical properties really simplify the material’s processing by technicians: thanks to care-free handling, it enables the nesting of statically important elements in discs everywhere. The translucency transition does not require any corrections by the ceramist.

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