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If you are a patient being fitted with a denture today, it is important to you that it fits perfectly and does not cause difficulties when you chew or speak. After your treatment, you also expect that nobody will notice that you are wearing a denture. When the denture is produced, it is important to consider not only functional aspects but also your expectations in terms of esthetics. After all, only attractive, natural-looking teeth give you the self-confidence you need to communicate with others in one of the nicest ways – with your smile.

That is why your dentist, working closely with the dental laboratory, will not only determine the exact shape and dimensions of the denture (bridge, crown) but will also pay particular attention to the correct tooth color and the natural translucency of the material used. The latter plays an especially important role in giving the denture a natural appearance. A restoration that is lacking in translucency, especially in the anterior tooth region, will appear lifeless and artificial even if the correct tooth color is selected.

Nacera® gives dentists and dental technicians access to materials of the highest functional and esthetic standards to support them in their challenging work: producing dentures that are indistinguishable from natural teeth. The Nacera® Pearl Natural zirconium blank is the latest development in this field. The material not only meets the highest requirements in terms of accuracy of fit, durability and esthetics, but is also easier to process in the laboratory – so that dentures will continue to be affordable in the future.

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