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The compatibility of Nacera® products is based on the fact that only absolutely compatible and toxin-free materials are processed and can remain inside the patient’s body for a very long time.

Zirconium oxide is chemically inert, not carcinogenic, and not harmful to tissue and cells. In fact, it offers excellent tissue compatibility. In addition, Nacera zirconium oxide is also 100% bio-compatible. The exceptionally stable structure of the raw material guarantees excellent long-term durability of the milled restorations in the mouth.

The application of a glaze to the restorations after the final sintering stage further reinforces the stability of the surface structure in what is a moist environment.

Nacera® products contain the following properties:

  • Natural mouth feel
  • Tasteless – our products do not use substances that cause a change in taste.
  • No unpleasant odour development

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