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Your challenges as a patient

No two dentures are the same – the perfect fit, color, durability and bio-compatibility all play a role in addition to price with regard to dentures. If you are a patient facing one of these challenges, or if you are interested in learning more about the material, we are the contact partner for you. We will provide an overview of the topics that are important to you.

Finding challenges


If you are a patient being fitted with a denture today, it is important to you that it fits perfectly and does not cause difficulties when you chew or speak.

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The compatibility of Nacera products is based on the fact that only absolutely compatible and toxin-free materials are processed and can remain inside the patient’s body for a very long time.

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In our modern world, we are constantly exposed to potentially harmful external influences. Although we try to offset these by consciously adopting healthy lifestyles, we sometimes lack the ability to recognise these types of risks.

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Even during the manufacturing process, Nacera® lives up to its responsibility to the environment and future generations.

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