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If your patients require a dental restoration, the focus at the outset is on functional aspects. Your patients expect you to provide a denture that will function flawlessly and typically over a very long period of time. With Nacera®, you have a reliable partner by your side, whose materials guarantee you maximum precision and a perfect fit. In addition to the high strength of the Nacera® products, we give you the certainty of knowing that time-consuming and costly refinishing work will not be required. Your patients will be delighted right away and will continue to enjoy their dentures for many years to come.

Another safety aspect is that only absolutely compatible and toxin-free materials are processed in Nacera® products, which can remain inside the patient’s body for a very long time.

Even during the manufacturing process, Nacera® lives up to its responsibility to the environment and future generations. For example, dust generated during production is filtered and reused for non-medical purposes. Recyclable packing materials are also used, wherever possible. The completely harmless residues of Nacera® zirconium blanks from dental laboratories can be processed by specialist recycling companies and reused for industrial purposes.

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