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Process reliability

Challenging situations arise every day in the dental laboratory.

A confusing variety of materials leads to uncertainty on the part of the dental technician when choosing the zirconium oxide indicated by the patient case presented to him.

Although milling and sintering only represent single steps within the process chain of a dental laboratory, it must still be possible to control and inspect them at all times. The task at all times is to achieve reliable, verified and reproducible results – such as single crowns or large-span bridges.

When it comes to achieving optimum milling results, it is not only the choice and composition of the right material, but also the correct milling machine and milling strategy that count.

In addition, the preparatory work – such as calibrating and cleaning the sintering furnace – for the actual sintering process is a prerequisite for flawless results. In sintering furnaces that are in regular use, there can be discrepancies between the required and the programmed temperature – the furnace temperature should be adjusted accordingly.

Furthermore, particles from the color liquids that are deposited in the furnace during the sintering process can adhere to the insulators on the furnace walls. Old heater bars also release oxides that can cause discoloration. This problem can be remedied by a cleaning powder, which absorbs the impurities in the atmosphere during the firing process and permanently cleans the furnace. This allows constant and long-lasting results to be achieved.

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