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Having now been available on the dental market for 20 years, zirconium oxide is no longer a mysterious material.

The spectrum of zirconium oxide products has increased exponentially in recent years, and with it, the diversity of properties and quality.

As a dental technician, you are looking for durability and consistency. For you, and for us, precision is the key pillar that supports consistent and lasting work quality.

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To guarantee this precision, our Team produces every Nacera® product with great care.

Thanks to the synergy effects of the cooperation between subsidiaries within the MOESCHTER Group, we have a system-based and highly stable manufacturing process that reflects individual measurements of every single Nacera zirconium blank and guarantees you maximum precision during further processing.

Further recommendations

Nacera® Pearl 1

With Nacera® Pearl you receive a German premium material of highly translucent zirconium oxide for natural-looking restorations.

Nacera® Pearl Multi-Shade

The Nacera® Pearl Multi-Shade milling blanks are nothing less than an economical and sophisticated system for creating full contour crowns.

Nacera® Pearl Q³ Multi-Shade

Nacera® Pearl Q³ Multi-Shade is a polychromatic, ultra-high-translucent zirconia with finely smoothing color gradient and a perfect match of VITA shades.

Nacera® Pearl Shaded 16+2

Nacera® Pearl Shaded is a German premium-product made of highly translucent zirconium oxide that guarantees natural-looking restorations.

Nacera® Shell 1

Nacera® Shell 1 is a reliable material suitable for all open CAD/CAM systems, ideal for covering discolored stumps and metal abutments to achieve high-esthetic veneerings.

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