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Your challenges

Color accuracy

Invisibility is one of the decisive criteria for a successful all-ceramic restoration.

The peculiar light refraction of zirconium oxide and the special brightness, opacity or translucency effects lead to certain challenges in the field of color determination and color reproduction.

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Careful inspection of the optical properties

To support you as a dental technician in this technical achievement, our in-house developers work with the utmost care on the optical properties of our Nacera® products so that the basic colors of your restorations can always be achieved with minimal effort.

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Nacera® Advanced Process

Our Nacera® Advanced Process guarantees you maximum process reliability during production — the very first time.

Product training

Entdecken Sie jetzt das Angebot unserer Nacera® Trainings. Hier erfahren Sie alles rund um den Werkstoff Zirkonoxid.

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