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Your challenges

We reduce machine downtimes as well as servicing costs through practical component design and by providing technical advice during the production process. We are also your contact for additional challenges.

Finding challenges

Our mission is to lower the everyday challenges faced by patients, dentists and dental laboratories.

Can you be certain that your zirconium material is always of the required quality and that the manufacturing process is secure? What about quality variations and quality controls? Who guarantees you perfectly matched zirconium oxide components offering maximum stability and esthetics?

Based on our experience, we have put together a selection of Nacera® products that you too can use to optimize your work processes and manufacturing processes.

Your challenges as a dental laboratory

The daily challenges faced by dental laboratories are complex: Material selection, process optimization and reliability as well as increased efficiency are just some of them.

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Your challenges as a dentist

The challenges you face as a dentist relate to your responsibility to your patient. Nacera® gives you and the dental technicians you work with access to materials of the highest functional and esthetic standards.

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Your challenges as a patient

No two dentures are the same – the perfect fit, color, durability and bio-compatibility all play a role in addition to price with regard to dentures.

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